3 Tips To Help 3 Month Olds With Short Naps And Early Wakes

three month old sleeping on her back in crib

We know: if your baby doesn’t sleep, you don’t sleep.  And sleep is important for everyone. No new mama wants to answer the question, “how’s he/she sleeping?” unless you’re one of the few parents who have one of those miraculous beings who sleep very well, naturally. The sleep-deprived moms definitely don’t want to hear about … Read more

Tips To Help Your Newborn Sleep More Than 30 Minutes On Their Own

newborn sleeping on own

Many of us hear about the horrors of labor. The pain, the pushing, the possibly pooing ourselves in front of practical strangers. But, we don’t always hear about afterwards: learning to breastfeed, getting babies through potential bouts of jaundice, the exhaustion, the vaginal pain, or the pain after the C-section, the hemorrhoids. And mostly: the … Read more

Sleep Needs Based On Age

woman holding newborn trying to help it sleep at night

Babies and toddlers change and develop at such a rapid pace. This means two things: They need a good amount of sleep. Their sleep patterns and needs change rapidly as well. As a parent, you’re likely no stranger to the ever-evolving sleep patterns of babies and toddlers. Just when you think you’ve cracked the code … Read more

Do Contact Naps Before 12 Weeks Start Bad Habits?

baby napping with puppy

As a refresher, contact naps refer to the practice of a baby falling asleep while in physical contact with a caregiver, typically by being held, rocked, or even just being in the same room. This can involve the baby sleeping on the chest, arms, or lap of the caregiver, or even just being close enough … Read more

Velcro Babies

baby and mother cheek to cheek

A strange phenomenon that happens for a lot of us is how mothers, while we’re pregnant, explain the agony of labor. It is labor, after all. But what’s not often described is the agony of the first months, the “fourth trimester,” as it’s sometimes known as. For moms who love their babies dearly, but are … Read more

Here Is Why Your Baby Is Waking Every 1-2 Hours At Night

baby waking up in crib

Good rest is very important to babies and caregivers alike. While the number one recommendation for new parents is to get enough rest, the number one thing new parents have trouble with is exactly that. Balancing the need for rest with the needs of a baby can seem like an impossible juggling act. This blog … Read more

All About Contact Naps

Contact naps refer to the practice of a baby falling asleep while in physical contact with a caregiver, typically by being held, rocked, or even just being in the same room. This can involve the baby sleeping on the chest, arms, or lap of the caregiver, or even just being close enough to feel the … Read more

LO Waking Out Of Habit Or Hunger?

It’s the middle of the night and your baby is crying. Determining whether your baby is waking up out of habit or hunger can be challenging, especially when drowsy yourself! Understanding their sleep patterns and needs can help you make an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you distinguish between habitual vs. hunger-driven … Read more

What is Active Sleep In Newborns?

Active sleep, also known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, is a stage of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements, increased brain activity, and muscle tone changes. In newborns, active sleep is particularly important for their development. We know active sleep is something parents are curious about, so we put together this blog as a … Read more

What To Do If Your Little One Falls Asleep Unexpectedly In The Car

baby sleeping in car in car seat

For a family working on crib sleep and establishing regular nap times, having your child fall asleep in the car can throw a real wrench in all of a parent’s diligent planning. This blog is focused on how to avoid an early nap in the car, what to do to recover if this happens, and … Read more

How To Keep Your Toddler In Their Bed The Whole Night

toddler sleeping in their bed

You are finally transitioning from crib to bed. Hooray! This is such a big moment and transition for your kiddo. However, your little one may have other plans. Falling asleep in their new bed and STAYING asleep in their new bed are two very different things. If your toddler is creeping into your bed in … Read more

How To Help A Baby Sleep Or Nap While Teething

teething baby using a teether

Your little one has begun the painful process of teething. You may notice that the experience that your baby is having is beginning to affect their precious sleep. This blog is all about the how’s and whys of helping your little one sleep better, while going through teething. Please share with us your experiences in … Read more

How Long Should I Wait To Put My Baby Down To Bed After Their Last Feeding?

baby feeding with bottle before nap

Sleeping and eating. Besides being cute and lovable, those are an infant’s primary occupations. As parents, we have to be on top of ensuring that they get enough sleep and food each day and to optimize the benefit of both, it helps to be able to time everything out correctly. If you feed too close … Read more

5 Mistakes That Ruin Baby’s Sleep

newborn baby sleeping peacefully in crib

Sleep. Precious, precious sleep. We want our babies to sleep because it helps them grow and stay healthy and for so many other reasons, but it also helps that the more they sleep the more we (parents) get to sleep. In today’s article, we’re going to help you and your baby with just that: getting … Read more

Rules For Visiting A Baby Every Parent Should Know

grandparents holding baby and reading to it

When your newborn finally arrives, it’s such a magical and special moment. Your family has a new member! You want to shout it from the rooftops or these days, post it on social media. It’s time to have everybody come and visit and hold and give lots of love to your new bundle of joy, … Read more

Is It Ok For A Baby To Poop Every 3+ Days?

mother changing baby at changing table

Newborns are just like adults except smaller and everything is different. All joking aside, there are some very specific things that you should be paying attention to in your newborn as a new parent or parent of a newborn. Aside from how often they eat and sleep, it’s vitally important to be paying attention to … Read more

How To Get More Sleep For Your Family In 2024

a baby celebrating the new year with a hat and sash

Sleep is so valuable to both newborn and parent, yet during those crucial first few weeks and months, it seems that neither gets as much as they want. Well, in today’s blog, we’re going to cover a few ways in which you can get a little more sleep or to maximize the amount of sleep … Read more

Tips For Napping On The Go

baby playing in a suitcase ready for travel

This season is nothing if not full of travel. Whether you’re packing up the car and taking a road trip or you are flying the friendly skies on your favorite airline, traveling with a baby can make everything a little bit more complicated. The good news is that it is very doable and that you … Read more

At What Age Should A Baby Have A Bedtime?

teddy bear tucked into a bed

Sleep. When it comes to a newborn or infant, it can be both a valuable asset and a fond memory for a time long ago when you could go to sleep when you wanted and wake up when you felt like it. Cherish those memories. Hold them dear. Speaking of making your own bedtimes, it … Read more

Optimizing Sleep On Cold Nights

Baby bundled up in the snow

As the nights get longer and colder each year, it’s especially important to take steps to help keep your baby warm and comfortable through the night. This will help with your sanity as well as with the baby’s comfort and overall quality of life! If you’re a parent with a newborn during the fall and … Read more

First Foods. When And How To Start Feeding Your Infant Solid Foods

baby surrounded by vegetables and other great first foods

There’s a lot of different opinions out there concerning the best times to introduce your baby to solid (non-breastmilk) foods. We’d like to take some time today to give our thoughts and recommend some tips and best practices to help you best onboard your little one to the world of solid foods. There’s a lot … Read more

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks A Good Choice For My Baby?

swaddled baby sleeping

Weighted sleep sacks for babies are a topic of some debate among experts. Weighted blankets and products have gained popularity for their potential to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation, particularly for individuals with sensory processing disorders or anxiety. However, when it comes to using weighted sleep sacks for babies, safety considerations are paramount. … Read more

All About Power Pumping!

woman breast pumping

Power pumping! No, it’s not the latest muscle building gym craze. It’s an innovative technique to help nursing mothers maximize their milk output potential by mimicking a baby’s cluster feeding cycle by using the breast pump to help your body produce more milk to meet the new higher demand. This technique can help mothers who … Read more

Supplements To Aid In Sleeping For Children

picture of sleep help pills a mask and an alarm clock

In today’s world of modern medicine, it’s so easy to try to solve just about every problem with a pill, but does that work for children? If your child is having trouble sleeping, especially if they are a young baby or toddler, then there may not be very many options for you to try in … Read more

All About Nipple Shields

newborn nursing baby

Today, we are going to dive head-first, or maybe even chest-first, into the wide world of nipple shields. While they aren’t for everyone, they can definitely help with some issues while helping you to achieve your goals when nursing your infant. We are going to cover some use case scenarios as well as a few … Read more

The Sleep Struggle: Tips For Getting Your Toddler To Fall Asleep Quickly Each Night

father holding sleeping toddler

Toddlers. Many people think that having your child grow from a newborn into a toddler can mean that you will have to deliver less 24/7 hands on attention to them, but they would be wrong. Toddlers, though not necessarily known for their inability to sleep through the night, can have just as troubled a relationship … Read more

Establishing A Back To School Nap Routine

back to school written on a chalk board with school supplies near

Summer is drawing to a close and “back to school” season is upon us. This is actually the perfect time to start optimizing your schedule because it’s about to get busier! As a parent, we understand the challenges of juggling a busy schedule while wanting to provide the best care for our baby. One crucial … Read more

How To Nap A Baby On Summer Holiday Vacation

baby and mommy on plane

Just because you have a small infant or newborn during the summertime doesn’t mean that you can’t still get out there and enjoy the great weather while it lasts. Sure, things will get a little more complicated and you may have more limited options as to your entertainment choices (sorry, they don’t allow infants at … Read more

4 Month Sleep Regression. Tips To Get Through It.

baby and mother sleeping night

It’s bound to happen. Many parents, especially first time parents struggle with sleep regressions in their newborns. It may not happen to every child at the same time, but there are clear patterns of sleep cycling and regression that emerge as the child ages into toddlerhood. The verdict for the child is simple, they are … Read more

Tips To Keep You And Your Newborn Healthy And Away From Germs

hands and germs on a display with a yellow background and various cleaning supplies

When you first learn that your friend or family member has finally brought their newborn home from the hospital, you’re just so happy for them and so excited to snuggle the new member of the family! However, extra visitors are not always welcomed by new parents. Sometimes the time of the year or concerns for … Read more

Summer Sleeping Tips For Baby. Getting Baby To Sleep In The Summer Months

baby sleeping in summer sunglasses

Summertime is such a bittersweet time for new parents or parents with infants. The weather is finally warm and the days are more often than not sunny and bright, however compared to the rest of the year, the sun just doesn’t want to go away when it’s time for baby to go to sleep at … Read more

Setting A Great Nap Schedule For Your Child (From Infant To Toddler)

sleeping toddler nap time

There are so many problems both medically and behaviorally that could be solved if we could just ask our babies a question and they could give us an honest and reasoned response. However, since they can’t (or won’t!) then we have to make do with our best and most educated guess, as their parents. While … Read more

Tips On How To Get Your Baby To Not Hate The Changing Table

woman changing child on changing table

The changing table. An invention that probably dates back to the very first human civilizations, and was most likely created about one day after the first parents threw their backs out from changing their baby on the ground. It really hasn’t changed much in all of these years. Sure, it looks a little different and … Read more

The Truth About Melatonin And Babies

woman sleeping with melatonin in white text on foreground

We have all heard the stereotypes and the jokes about babies not sleeping very well for their first few months and how that basically means that the parents don’t sleep for that time period as well. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why babies don’t sleep for long periods of time after they are … Read more

Infant Pacifier Usage, Philosophy, & Best Practices

baby lying down with binkie

The pacifier. No, we’re not talking about the critically panned 2005 Vin Diesel film, we’re talking about something much more controversial, divisive, and important: actual pacifiers for babies. They say that if you want to get into an argument with friends or family these days then all you have to do is bring up religion … Read more

How to Safely Use White Noise Machines For Baby

baby sleeping in blue hat

White noise isn’t just for grown ups with tinnitus! It’s actually a great tool to help you get your infant or young child to sleep faster and more soundly. White noise machines are available all over the web and even on our smartphones as apps or YouTube videos, but what white noise product is best … Read more

Top Tips And Benefits For Spending Time Outside With Your Baby

mom and baby outside blanket

As parents of newborn children, it’s so easy to get caught up in the rhythm of feeding, sleeping, and changing our baby (not to mention tummy time!) that we can easily forget that it’s also good to add some outdoor time to the schedule as well. Yes, it can seem like a lot to handle … Read more

What Does Toddler Sleep Look Like?

toddler sleeping on mom

We talk a lot in our blog about helping your infants and younger babies with their sleep and other challenges but we don’t spend a lot of time talking about how to help toddlers with their sleep. Well today, we’re going to do just that! We know that just because a baby grows up a … Read more

Sleep Deprivation Dangers & Risks For Parents With Newborns & Infants

parents tired need sleep with baby

What is something more valuable than gold yet can’t be held or locked in a vault? If you answered “sleep” then you are correct! Sleep is one of the things in our lives that is so crucial to our day to day function and overall success yet it can’t be bought, sold, or traded and … Read more

Spring Cleaning With A Newborn Or Infant/Toddler. What Can You Do To Help Promote Better Sleep?

woman with baby spring cleaning

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to start getting your house in order for the chaos that is Summer! As do so many things, spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when you have a small child at home. What are some spring cleaning things that you should be doing differently … Read more

How To Foster A Good Relationship Between Your Baby And Your Dog

puppy and baby sitting

Bringing a baby home from the hospital is stressful enough on its own without having to worry about pets and how they will react. Most dogs are going to be fine with a new member of the household, but there are definitely times when they would not be so okay with it. Many injuries to … Read more

How To Create A Sleep & Nap Routine For Your Baby

sleeping baby in blue

People often associate the stresses of having a child with him or her not sleeping through the night and keeping tired and weary parents up along with them. Many will tell you that is definitely the case, however, most of the time that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Getting your baby to … Read more

What Is A Pediatric Chiropractor? What Benefits Can They Offer?

baby with his doctor

Most of us have heard about chiropractors and you may have even been to one recently, however, did you know that there are many chiropractors that specialize in pediatric patients? Pediatric chiropractor treatment is growing in popularity at an enormous rate these days, mostly due to the profession being more widely accepted in popular culture … Read more

Let’s Talk About Tongue And Lip Tie And How It Can Impact Sleep.

crying baby in bed

If your baby has a tongue tie or lip tie it can impact many areas of your baby’s daily routine. In today’s article, we’re going to explore what these areas typically are and how you can both recognize the signs of a potential lip or tongue tie and how you can get your child on … Read more

New Year, New Sleep Routine. Three Things You Need To Get Started

baby sleeping on back

A lot can change in the New Year. As the holiday season finally and mercifully comes to an end, our entire next year of new beginnings is starting. The new year can bring motivation, change, and exciting adventures! If you have a little baby during this transitional time, then you may want to consider changing … Read more

Crying. A Quick Overview Of The Different Types Of Crying You May Experience With Your Child

mom holding crying baby

Here at The Early Weeks, we are always talking to parents about their hopes and dreams and anxieties about their children. One topic that comes up fairly often is that of crying. Different questions and apprehensions always seem to surface like “how much crying is too much?”, “Is my baby sad when they cry?”, and … Read more

Getting The Most Out Of Your Child’s Tummy Time

baby doing tummy time

Tummy time is a great way to help your child develop strength and important motor skills early and quickly in life. They can have fun and enjoy spending time with you doing fun things or playing with silly toys. However, it’s not always easy as a parent to stay on top of tummy time or … Read more

All About Sleep Sacks. When And How To Use Them

baby and mother

Sleep sacks for babies! No, we’re not going camping, although that sounds really fun right now (can’t wait for summer to come back!), but we are talking about safe, easy, and excellent ways to help your newborn baby get to sleep using these wondrous sleeping contraptions. Sleep sacks and swaddles really are worth their weight … Read more

Should Babies With Reflux Sleep On An Incline?

baby with reflux

If you or someone you know has a baby who has reflux, then you know that the struggle is real. Having a newborn is already challenging enough without the added layer of stress and effort that reflux brings. Don’t worry. Even though it seems hopeless at times, you’re not alone! Many babies and parents have … Read more

Christmas Message Of Self Care And Confidence

Christmas holiday message christmas tree with decorations

The holidays. The phrase is so interesting because it is synonymous with both extreme joy and extreme stress. Getting together with family can be a wonderful occasion, especially when good food and beverages are involved, but it can also be stressful to organize everything in order to make it possible. This is of course on … Read more

With Fall And Winter Weather, What Is The Best Temperature For Your Home/Room For Your Baby To Get Optimal Sleep?

Baby with santa hat sleeping

Whether in the home or the office, the battle over the thermostat for the perfect ambient temperature rages on. Some people run cold and need it set high, while others run hot and need it to be down low to function. It’s hard enough to get a room full of adults to agree on an … Read more

When Should You Allow Your Baby To Sleep On Their Back?

baby sleeping on back

Today we wanted to talk about sleep positions for your baby and specifically about the benefits of sleeping your child on their back. So, when should you allow your baby to sleep on their backs at night and nap time? Well, the fast answer is: always and as often as possible. According to many studies, … Read more

What Is Baby Sleep Regression And When Does It Start?

mother and father over newborn baby

Sometimes, taking care of a newborn or infant can seem like you’re playing a high stakes game of Jenga. You can work so hard to build up your tower but in one instant, it can all come crashing down around you. That is exactly what experiencing sleep regression in a baby can feel like. Well, … Read more

Why Is My Baby Not Sleeping Deeply?

baby sleeping on a moon plush

Being a parent of a newborn, the struggle is truly “real” when it comes to getting your little one to sleep. We struggle to get them down to sleep and we struggle to keep them asleep, especially in a deep sleep. When your baby isn’t sleeping deeply each day, that can have negative impacts on … Read more

Co-Sleeping: Transitioning A Toddler To Their Own Bed

toddler sleep in bed

So you want your bed back? It’s perfectly normal. Your bed was once a place where you could get a full night’s rest without fear of being kicked in the face by a toddler or having your pillow and blanket stolen by the same. Co-sleeping is a joy, don’t get the wrong idea, but there … Read more

Daylight savings, “Falling Back” & Your Baby / Child

Toddler and daylight savings

It’s that time of year where we start getting calls and emails from clients in a bit of a worry or slight panic. “How do we adjust for the time change?” “Is this going to be as awful as we think it will be?” “What is the best way for us to prepare Daylight Savings!?” … Read more

Baby Peeing Through Their Diaper Every Night?

Baby Peeing Through Diaper

So your little one is finally sleeping through the night (HOORAY!), but they are waking up in the early morning hours soaking wet, with a full diaper.  While this isn’t an emergent issue, it’s usually a bit annoying for many families because it creates more laundry (daily) and often causes babies, and their parents. to … Read more

Cat Naps

newborn baby in crib

  What exactly is a cat-nap? Cat naps are short naps, typically between 30-45 minutes.   Why does my baby catnap? There are several reasons:  First, When your baby is a newborn, their sleep is very immature. There is a natural tendency for them to only sleep for 1 sleep cycle (30-45 minutes), vs connecting … Read more

Top 3 Reasons to Resume Date Nights ASAP

Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the most life changing and altering events a couple will ever experience. Few others will come close. Many transitions take place and as parents and siblings navigate their new roles, a lot of trial and error, as well as give and take occurs. Today, I wanted … Read more