baby with reflux spitting up

The Truth About Reflux

The Truth About Reflux Katie Bishop, CANCS, CISC, PCD   Reflux in infancy is all too common these days. Roughly 50% of the babies we have the pleasure of working with, have some degree of reflux ranging from mild to severe.   What Causes Reflux? There are a number of reasons that contribute to a Read more about The Truth About Reflux[…]

colic newborn dad can't sleep

Reflux, Colic and a Witching Hour – Oh My!

I was recently called to help a third time mom who really wanted some help sorting through a few things. Her little one was about 3 weeks when she contacted me. He was eating nearly every hour and she was spending another roughly 6+ hours per day trying to get her baby to sleep for Read more about Reflux, Colic and a Witching Hour – Oh My![…]