How To Foster A Good Relationship Between Your Baby And Your Dog

Bringing a baby home from the hospital is stressful enough on its own without having to worry about pets and how they will react. Most dogs are going to be fine with a new member of the household, but there are definitely times when they would not be so okay with it. Many injuries to newborns and toddlers occur by accident, even if the dog isn’t acting aggressive or territorial, an excited or distracted dog can pose a serious threat to a small child. We want to make sure that you and your family are equipped with the tools that you will need to navigate these choppy waters when it comes time to introduce your fur baby to your real baby. Also, before you go, please leave a comment or question about your experience in this area. Do you have any helpful suggestions to add or anecdotes about your dog(s) you’d like to share? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Start Slow. Introduce Your Dog To The New Baby Items In The House, FIRST!

With a new baby comes lots of new gadgets, furniture, and other items that you will need for your journey. As you buy and bring home new things, introduce your dog to them and allow them to smell and explore the new items while supervised. Let them get used to the new things. However, don’t let them take the new items and claim ownership of them. Instances of this would be trying to carry the items to their dog bed or sleep in the new items (bassinet, crib, carseat).

Establish Boundaries

With the baby’s new room, you will want to think about gating it off to start with. You don’t want your dogs claiming it as their own or thinking that they have free reign in there. 

Assert Dominance With The New Baby’s Scent

After the new baby is born, but before you bring it home, (if you have a chance to do this) bring a clothing item that the baby has worn, home for your dog to sniff. Make sure that you don’t wash it first! Have your dog sniff it in your hand but don’t allow them to take the item or chew it. You must assert that this new scent is yours and not theirs to do with what they please. 

Supervise All Interactions With Your Dogs. Don’t Leave The Dogs And Baby Alone Together, EVER!

As much as we trust our furry friends, they are after all animals. While a dog can be perfectly fine around a baby or toddler, it’s not a good idea to leave the two alone together in the same room or area. Make sure when you leave the room that you take either the baby or dog with you! For larger and/or more energetic dogs, it’s important to have rigid crate training so that they can have their own area to be sequestered in, should the need arise. 

Before You Go
Dealing with pets and babies can be difficult. We are happy to help. Just contact us and we can go over your options and help you find the best path for your little one. We hope these tips have helped you along your journey. If you have any questions about helping your baby to sleep better, or about your baby in general, please reach out to us HERE. We are experts in all things baby and sleep and would love to help!

If you have questions about your child, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help. Please reach out to us here! We always look forward to hearing from you.

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