How To Keep Your Toddler In Their Bed The Whole Night

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You are finally transitioning from crib to bed. Hooray! This is such a big moment and transition for your kiddo.

However, your little one may have other plans. Falling asleep in their new bed and STAYING asleep in their new bed are two very different things. If your toddler is creeping into your bed in the middle of the night, read on. This blog is all about the hows and whys of keeping your toddler in their own bed for the whole night. Please share with us your experiences in the comments! Do you have something that works extraordinarily well? Let us know!

The first full night of sleep after the baby comes along is something that many parents describe as life-changing. While it may seem like a little bit of hyperbole, it truly is monumental when you can start to envision regular sleep again. As with all things toddler, the road to get there might be a little bumpy with some twists and turns along the way. We are committed to helping you navigate this new journey so that the whole family can experience better rest.

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Here are some of our best tips for making the transition from crib to bed a success. 


Build Routine

From tooth brushing to story time, build a routine that over time will help your toddler anticipate and settle into bedtime. The trick with a routine is consistency. Be sure to follow the routine diligently, especially in the beginning. 


Communicate Expectations

Every step of the way, we want to build understanding with our children. Change is hard for everyone, so understanding why the change is there, can help parents and kiddos tremendously. Communicate often why they are in their new bed and what is expected of them. 


Maintain the Plan

Sometimes the change can seem hardest for the parent. It’s understandable! You do not want to see your child upset, and giving in now and then can be a hard instinct to resist. Remember, kiddos are great at pushing boundaries, which means parents have to be even better about maintaining them. Keep the routine and remember that although they may not communicate it, your kids have expectations of you as well and a big one is helping them through this transition. 


Put Them Back In Their Bed

This can be a hard one for a tired parent or a parent who loves to snuggle (who doesn’t!). When your little one leaves their bed in the night and comes to your room, you need to put them back to bed. After addressing what made them wake up, (needed a glass of water, or bathroom) walk them back to bed. You want to remember to do this each time and every time. Remember the pushing boundaries part? If you let them into bed in the middle of the night, soon this could be a habit for them. It doesn’t take long.

The transition for a toddler to their own bed may not be easy, but parents can make it a lot harder by not following these tips. Good restful sleep is important to everyone in your family and we are committed to helping you get there. If you would like to know more about this, our sleep programs, or any of our excellent newborn care services, we are happy to help. Just contact us and we can go over your options and help you find the best path for your little one. We hope these tips have helped you along your journey. If you have any questions about helping your baby or toddler to sleep better, or about your baby in general, please reach out to us HERE. We are experts in all things baby and sleep and would love to help!


Katie Bishop

The Early Weeks

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant | Newborn Care Specialist | Board Certifying Holistic Healthcare Practitioner 💤

About The Author: Katie has over 25 year experience working with children of all ages. As an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist & Infant/Pediatric Sleep Consultant she has supported families and babies worldwide over the last 10 years. Her mission is to help the entire family unit get better sleep, utilizing a holistic approach that supports the baby or child’s natural biologic drive to sleep. She has personally served 200+ families and holds 16,000+ hours exclusively caring for infants & babies.
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