6 Reasons Routines For Babies Are Awesome

6 Reasons Routines for Babies are Awesome

There are so many different programs and philosophies for infants, it can be hard for new parents to know which approach is best for their family.  On one end of the spectrum you have options like the Ferber method where a super strict schedule is encouraged. On the other, extreme attachment parenting. Baby is never put down or allowed to fuss and is nursed around the clock.


Both of the above approaches are fine. They work great for some families. But what works for one family, might not work for your family, and that’s okay.


Finding Balance

Balance is the key to many things in life; our diets, the amount of time we spend at work and with our families, our hobbies. Maintaining balance when raising your infant will do a lot for your sanity. It’s not all or nothing. Some days will be good, others bad.

Love your baby. Enjoy your baby. Snuggle with him or her as much as you want. Just consider implementing some routines for your baby early on. They will help create more balance for your entire family.


6 Reasons Why Routines For Babies Are Awesome


Routines help parents know when they can have some time to plan for themselves.

Take a shower, nap, eat, whatever it is that you want to do.


Routines help babies learn what to expect.

A great example of this is preparing baby for sleep. A nap routine, that is doing the same few things each time you are getting baby ready for sleep, helps the baby know and prepare for the upcoming nap. Doing these things, at the appropriate time based on baby’s cues, generally leads to a better experience for both baby and parents.


Routines from infancy help mold more mild tempered toddlers.

Often a big part of why toddlers act out is because their lives lack structure. These children think they need to create the rules and be leaders which often results in negative behavior. Toddlers crave structure and boundaries! It helps them feel secure and safe.


Appropriate routines in infancy help earlier establishment of circadian rhythms.

Research shows that infant circadian rhythms can be influenced by a few factors.

  1. exposing the infant to light during the day, and
  2. wake and sleep times that are consistent each morning and evening.


Routines in infancy often lead to babies sleeping through the night earlier.

An adequate routine will allow your baby to sleep when, how much and where they need. This will help prevent your baby from getting broken sleep all day. These short naps don’t allow babies to get the proper amount of REM sleep, and can lead to constant fussiness and sleep deprivation. Inadequate day sleep, usually leads to more frequent night wakings.


Babies THRIVE on routines (really, most humans do).

They provide predictability and structure to their day, making it not so random. All of this is reassuring to an infant.

What kind of routine is best?

The truth is that there is no one size fits all. Every family has different needs and each baby is unique. Good routines are as unique as each family and the type of routine you follow isn’t as important as you that you simply do.

Want help establishing a routine that is right for your baby and family? Our Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas and Infant Sleep Consultants can help!

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