How To Put Your Baby To Sleep Fast

As parents of newborns will know, getting a baby to fall asleep is typically not an issue. Most babies can definitely fall asleep on their own with little encouragement from mom and dad, however the real rub is getting them to fall asleep in any sort of predictable and quick fashion. That’s where we come in! We have some great tips for you parents out there that are looking for quick and easy ways that you can help put your infant to sleep, starting today. Let’s go over some of the top tips, shall we?

Baby Must Know What To Expect – AKA Set A Routine

Babies get very attached to each day’s routine. If it changes in a major way, you can expect to see them get fussy, or overtired, or irritable (or all of the above). To get your child to sleep quickly in a consistent way, then try to set a daily routine and stick to it as closely as possible so that they don’t get any unexpected surprises. “Perfect timing produces no crying”. I like to say this in addition, “the baby must understand the expectations”. If you are changing something on them, for instance, putting them in their crib for the first time (drowsy but awake), expect your baby to let you know how they feel about this change.

Baby Must Know How To Fall Asleep Independently On Their Own

Sometimes you and your baby can get caught in a vicious cycle of sleep dependence. They can get too dependent on your rocking and soothing them to sleep that once you stop, then the baby will wake up and need to be soothed again to go back to sleep. To help them learn to get to sleep by themselves, you can put the baby in their crib when they are more awake and to be there for them as they fall asleep, but allowing them to fall asleep on their own in the crib.

Baby Must Have A Full Belly

It’s important to make sure that you are getting full feedings during the day and that your baby has a full belly at night when you are trying to get them to go to sleep quickly. 

Baby Must Be Comfortable

By comfortable, we mean more than just in soft sleepwear (although that does help!). Comfortable also means that their diaper is dry and recently changed, they are at a good body temperature, not too hot or too cold, and that there aren’t any loud or sudden sounds or bright lights. If you haven’t already, try swaddling your baby! It can work wonders. Babies are like Goldilocks, everything has to be just right!

Regular Wake Windows

To fall asleep quickly, your baby must have regular and timely wake windows throughout the day. Make sure you aren’t keeping her up too long or trying to get her back to sleep too quickly. Wake windows that are fairly equal and at regular intervals through the day really help.

Proper Sleep Environment

If you want your baby to fall asleep quickly, then you must first check your surroundings. Make sure that the area they are going to sleep in is dark, quiet, calm, and tranquil. You can even do things like put on white noise from your phone or smart home device. 

Parting Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read today’s post about putting your baby to sleep faster. If you have any questions about getting your baby to sleep, or your baby in general, please reach out to us HERE. We are experts in all things baby (we LOVE them) and sleep and would love to help!


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